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We know from our corporate experience that there are times additional help is needed for business or human resource leaders. You may need to accomplish a new project that you don’t want to add permanent staff for, or there is a need for an objective perspective. We can also fill in for temporary human resource vacancies to keep your business going in the absence of key members of your team.

Below are some overarching examples of services we provide. If you are in need of a service not seen below, don’t hesitate to contact us.

HR Process Analysis

Being without a key member of your Human Resource leadership team will mean that knowledge of regulatory requirements and employee advocacy is missing from your overall decision making. It can also halt progressing the work of the HR team for the organization as a whole. Given our experience leading HR departments and serving as members of the executive leadership team, we can keep your HR department united and productive while providing guidance to business leaders as you search for a new leader.

Interim HR Roles

Policies and procedures are essential for running an effective and efficient business. They outline the expectations, guidelines, and process everyone must follow in order to be successful. While a bulk of a business’ policies can be found in their Employee Handbook, it is best practice to have the procedures in a separate location – whether that's a “document” or shared digital space – where all team members can access it. Most policy and procedure manuals are written for leaders, and referenced by leaders, but there is a lot of transparency and value in open access to all. Below are some policies we HIGHLY recommend every business has regardless of in which state your business resides. And, we can’t forget to mention, each state does have other requirements outside of federal regulations. Policies/ Procedures to have (keep in mind some of these policies are required by state law, but all are good to have regardless): • Harassment policy • Bullying policy • Drug/Alcohol policy • Reasonable Suspicion • Corrective Action policy • General Emergency procedures • Remote Work Policy • Leave Policies & Procedures • Grievance Procedures • Equal Opportunity

Talent Assessment & Succession Planning

Do you need a plan to be sure you have a pipeline of talent to fill your leadership positions? We can help you assess your current team’s skills and abilities, identify gaps and plan for development of the next generation of leaders in your organization.

Employee & Leadership Training

With our background in education, we have the ability to incorporate adult learning methods to meet your training needs. Whether that’s training both leaders and employees on HR policies and regulations to reduce your risk of litigation, or training leaders on how to cultivate effective teams while simultaneously providing them with development opportunities that will optimize their skills and confidence as leaders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you growing, acquiring, or merging multiple companies? If so, we can help you manage the due diligence, transition, and integration of new and tenured employees. We are well-versed in reviewing all implications of joining teams across companies, from looking closely at differences in policies to compensation and benefits to making recommendations that take into account the employee experience and business needs.

Organizational & Department Analysis

Does your organization feel the impact of not having enough leaders? Is your organization flat with all leaders sitting at one level? Do your frontline workers need more support? Let us help you define the levels of leadership and management you need to support the activities of your business and your employees.

Communication Plans

How and when leaders communicate to their teams, or how the business communicates as a whole, is a vital element to developing culture. We can create communication plans that take into account the culture you are trying to build while providing different modes of communication that can be cascaded from leaders to team members, such as talking points for a change or issue, ongoing communication through newsletters, or focus articles about a specific topic. We have the knack for taking large amounts of complex information and making it simple to understand.


Do you have new leaders or leaders who have been recently promoted into a bigger role? Do you have aspiring talent you want to develop and retain? We have extraordinary coaches who will work with leaders at all levels to discover their strengths and develop and work on goals.