I'm a Start-Up Business

Congratulations on starting your business! It’s such a worthwhile endeavor, and we know it was a journey to get here. With that being said, you’ve probably already encountered a lot of different aspects to owning a business that no one mentioned – like all the different types of taxes you have to pay, how to actually hire an employee, what type of payroll/timekeeping system you need, etc. We have found that there is the business side, the professional work, and the employer side to each business. We know all too well because we were recently in the same boat, which is why we can’t wait to help lighten the load and share our knowledge!

Again, our goal is to help you so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business. This includes being conscientious of your budget.


We stand by our belief that all businesses deserve access to quality Human Resource services for a reasonable price. We can assess and customize your needs, build payment plans, or come up with a number of other creative solutions to provide the support your business needs.


Have more thoughts, questions, or need help with something you don’t see below? No problem! Just email or call us. We are here to help. It may also be helpful to check out the Small to Midsize Business or Corporate/Enterprise tabs for more services and resources. 


The help starts now! 

What does a Team coach need to do?

Team coaches are the life of the club. They motivate players, look after training and watch them triumph on match day. Learn how to become a team coach here

What does a Team Manager need to do?

Team managers keep everything organised. They maintain lists of players and parents, field calls from sick players and organise treats! Find out how to become a team manager here

How do I register a player with Manly Allambie?

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What should we do in the event of bad weather?

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Aggressive Behaviour - what should I do?

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How do gradings work?

Grading a player is a complex process and Manly Allambie follow the guidelines set down by the FFA and MWFA. Please read our page on grading to find out more

How can I play all age Mens or Womens Football

Click here for more information. or contact: Ladies: Kyle Cannon 0430 291 693 kyle@purebean.com.au Men: Jonathan Holman 0449 676 144 jonathan.r.holman@hotmail.com

If I get an injury how does the insurance work?

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How do I use the Competiton Manager ICOMPMAN and EMS

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Where are my fixtures?

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Worker's Compensation

Whether you have one employee or thousands, all employers are required to have worker's compensation. Worker’s compensation is used in the event that an employee gets injured at work. Even though it’s another expense, trust us when we say it will pay for itself if you have a claim.

Becoming an Employer

As an employer, creating a solid foundation from a legal and cultural standpoint can feel like a daunting task. But we promise it is worth its weight in gold. Why? Because it shapes your current and future success. We also recognize that starting out demands a considerable amount of time, energy, and focus while you're being pulled in a million different directions at once. This is why you need someone else with expertise to lean on. Below is a great place to start. We consider it our “short” list of essentials to have as an employer.

Your Industry

Regardless of your industry, all businesses benefit from creating organizational objectives that align with employee goals. Let us help you become an industry leader and sought after employer from the very beginning by building solid goals for your business and employees! We can create specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which will provide you with quantitative measurements that can be used to examine qualities and actions that contribute to long term success.

Employee Handbook

Most people think of an employee handbook as a thick manual with a bunch of information that no one reads. Unfortunately, we have seen this to be true for the most part – at least until a lawsuit presents itself. As scary as that sounds, employee handbooks are MUCH more than that. Having a current and relevant employee handbook absolutely lowers the risk of costly litigation, but is also a foundational part of your business’ culture. Employee Handbooks contain the scope of your business’ mission, vision, values, expectations and policies for how you want your business to run; the WHY of your business, what you expect from your employees, and what they can expect from you. It’s really the best reference point for your business’ standards. We suggest updating your Employee Handbook once a quarter to keep up with the evolving state and federal laws and regulations.If you’re thinking… “How in the world am I supposed to do that?”…Don’t worry. We have you covered! This is part of HR’s role. Just a couple of reminders: *States do vary on requirements for Employee Handbooks. *All employees should have access to your Employee Handbook. Below is a sample of content to consider for your Employee Handbook: • Welcome • Mission • Vision • At Will Employment (varies by state) • Equal Opportunity Employer • Commitment to Diversity • Conflict of Interest • Confidential Information • Harassment and Complaint Procedure • Anti-Bullying Policy • Employment Classification • Work Week and Hours of Work • Meal and Rest Breaks • Time Records • Overtime • Paychecks • Separation of Employment •Drug-Free and Alcohol Free Workplace • Workplace Violence Prevention • Emergency Guidelines • Attendance • Job Performance • Dress and Grooming • Social Media • Disciplinary Procedure • Time off •Leaves of Absence •Benefits

Corrective Action Process

Sometimes it’s necessary to have difficult conversations, but we suggest they are well planned and based on observable facts. If unwanted behaviors continue, a formal written notice may be required. We cannot stress enough the importance of documenting interactions – both good and bad – with your employees, but when it comes to disciplinary action, it’s critical to have an HR professional review the documentation since it is discoverable (or admissible in court). We recommend formulating a progressive disciplinary process with specific forms to be filled out by leadership. This maintains consistency across the organization, and helps everyone understand what is expected. Let us help you create a process that works for your business, the forms that will support that process, and a review of the language used in writing these documents.


Building an onboarding process can seem daunting enough, let alone drilling down deep enough to creating a meaningful orientation experience. The employee's orientation is a glimpse into the culture of your organization, and you want it to be a great experience. Again, we are here to help.


Pre-employment is part of the overall recruiting process and is generally triggered by the acceptance of an offer letter. This part of the process usually consists of the background and drug screen. Be sure to have written consent for any backgrounds you conduct. Candidates also have the right to see the results if they request them. Depending on the circumstance, it is okay not to hire someone due to the results of their background check. We suggest creating a policy on your business standards in case they ever come into question. Again, it’s better to consult with us before making a decision, but here are a few key thoughts to consider prior to making a decision on a background: • Did the candidate disclose the offense? • How old is the offense? • Is the offense violent in nature? • Does hiring the candidate violate any state or federal regulations? • Does the offense prohibit the candidate from doing the job he/she applied for? • For consistency, what decisions have been made in the past for similar offenses?

Job Descriptions

In our experience, job descriptions are quickly thrown together and posted just to get warm bodies in the door. But a job description is one of the first insights into your business and culture. If you want to select the best people for the jo, we recommend taking the time to create meaningful and, more importantly, accurate job descriptions. They don’t have to be boring or standard. Creative job descriptions will attract top talent. Bare minimum, we do have some suggestions for what should be included: At a minimum the goal is to outline essential job functions and identify major duties and responsibilities. When posting the position, tt’s also helpful to add company benefits, culture, and why a candidate would want to work for you. The best businesses understand that the employment relationship works both ways. • Job title • Exempt (salary) or nonexempt (hourly) status • Department •Location • Reporting relationship • Day-to-day tasks and conditions- Clear and concise statements of essential functions which may also include percentages of time on each duty • Knowledge, skills, abilities, education, experience required to perform the job • Physical requirements of the job It’s important to also include a disclaimer that the job may include other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management