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Great workplaces make successful businesses

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HR Capabilities

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We are a female-owned and operated business who will work closely with you to ensure your business can navigate the complicated world of Human Resource management. From tactical, everyday operations to overarching company strategy, we provide a broad spectrum of services that will enhance your business operations.

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  • Onboarding

  • Employee Handbook

  • Policies & Procedure

  • Performance Management

  • Legal Compliance

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  • Communication Plans

  • Organizational Analysis

  • Recruiting

  • Performance Management

  •   Employee Relations

  • Interim HR Roles

  • Talent Assessment

  • Coaching

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Leadership Development

Human Resources

46 years of combined experience in Human Resources


  • What does Human Resources (HR) actually do?
    HR is involved in all aspects of a business but can best be broken down into two sides: operations and strategy. Operations would be considered day-to-day people issues like recruiting or onboarding, managing performance, policy and procedure, compliance, and everything in between. Strategy comes into play when the business needs to align goals, enact change management, develop leaders, impact culture and keep employees engaged so that they want to stay for the long haul. In essence, we solve problems. If we can’t solve them, then we find out who can.
  • Why should your business partner with Lynn HR Consulting?
    Do you want to work with a company that cares to learn the ins-and-outs of your business? Do you want to work with a business that builds relationships? Do you want to work with a business that listens instead of upsells? Do you want to work with a business that can customize prices and projects to the exclusivity of your organization? If yes, then we are the company for you! Simply put, we care about the success of your company like it is our own. By choosing us as a strategic partner, we want to help you by: • Creating and maintaining efficient processes • Attracting and retaining highly engaged employees • Lowering your company’s exposure to risk • Creating solutions for problems that arise in all areas of your business • Informing you about federal and state law changes • Building effective programs • Providing reliable advice on employee relations matters • Completing projects where you simply don’t have the time • Impacting your bottom line and growth potential It’s a long list, but we can get it done.
  • What are the costs?
    We believe transparency is key in any business. So, we want to address the fact that there is no pricing on our website. This is not a way to “catch” people into spending a ton of money. We are simply able to meet businesses where they feel most comfortable. We pride ourselves on being able to customize our services to meet your needs and budget. We believe every business should have access to quality HR, whether you have one employee or thousands.
  • Doesn't HR have to be a department within my business to function?
    There are plenty of analytical tools for Human Resource professionals to use from a consultative approach. Sometimes it’s better to have a fresh and objective perspective when it comes to solving problems. With that being said, we also make sure to learn the ins-and-outs of your business to provide the best results. Already have a Human Resources department? No problem. We can always take on the projects they may not have the time to complete, or fill in during a vacancy. Sometimes it’s also helpful for an outside partner to make recommendations or train new HR professionals.
  • Do you have to be located in my state to help?
    Even though each state has varying employment laws, the awesome part about working in HR is that we can work in any state – business is business. Let us help you with all the compliance and legal requirements for your business.
  • Is it true that HR just fires people?
    Thankfully, no; however, sometimes the best decision for a business and an employee is to part ways. We help coach leaders on the best way to say goodbye with everyone’s dignity intact and also keep in mind the best way to reduce any legal risk the termination might pose. We will also help you create talking points, roleplay the conversation and talk about how to best approach the situation if the employee becomes upset because the reality is – being fired never feels good.
  • Doesn't HR only care about employee interests?
    Our function is to balance business needs with employee needs. We maintain that balance by helping you create great workplaces for your employees while simultaneously meeting your business goals. We know that businesses thrive when they invest in their people. So much of that success comes from the environment we create for our team members. Successful businesses, and the ones that stand the test of time, understand that their employees are not only part of their business but are essential to it. Your success is their success, just as their success is yours.
  • If I am interested in your services, what does the process look like?"
    • Initial Phone Call • In-person meeting or Zoom (out-of-state clients) • Proposal • We get started!

We're here to listen

"If you own a small to medium sized business, Lynn HR Consulting, LLC is the team you want on your side to support your HR needs. They have deep, strategic expertise, and a people centered approach. They will deliver solutions that will help position you as an employer of choice while protecting your people and your business!"


Cory Colton

Senior Leadership Coach

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