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OUR Mission

Our mission is to assist businesses in harnessing the POWER of their PEOPLE by creating incredible work environments that produce extraordinary business results.


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Hi, I’m Ariana Lynn!


Welcome again to Lynn HR Consulting! I am proud to say that I am a new mom as of May 2020 and business owner as of September 2020. The last ten years brought me from teaching high school English and coaching Debate in Florida to the Human Resources profession. My HR background has been largely focused in sales, healthcare, construction and manufacturing. My love of HR truly comes from a passion for people which is why I specialize in employee relations, employee engagement and the overall employee experience.

Hi, I’m Jannis Lynn!


I am a mission orientated, innovative, and creative Human Resource Executive with 35 years of experience in the industries of healthcare (academic, not for profit, public and for profit medicine), manufacturing, advertising and publishing. I am deeply motivated by the ability to improve business by enhancing the employee experience and solving problems. I am intimately involved in business operations and work with leaders to align employee programs with business strategies. I also enjoy guiding leaders and organizations through periods of rapid growth and change.

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Lynn HR Consulting is a female owned-and-operated business that provides a wide variety of Human Resources services at an affordable cost.


Lynn HR Consulting focuses most of its efforts on helping start-up and small-to-midsize businesses thrive by creating great workplaces while also providing strategic projects and filling interim roles for larger corporations.

OUR Vision​

Our vision is for ALL businesses to tap into their strongest competitive advantage: the diverse STRENGTHS of their PEOPLE.

We finally started Lynn HR Consulting LLC on September 11, 2020, after 6 years of searching for the right business opportunity. We always knew the only way to truly fulfill our calling to help people, and work in an environment that cultivated our own strengths, was to create it ourselves. Who knew that a global pandemic would be the right time to begin our journey, let alone on 9/11 – a horrific day memorialized by our nation (U.S.), being attacked by terrorists – but as fate would have it, also the birthday of our beloved Grandma Mary. Thankfully, we are always open to a challenge and our passion for Human Resources (HR) leads the way. 

Now, more than ever, with the global pandemic of COVID-19 raging on, we know all businesses need strong support and partnership to make it out on the other side. Your business deserves strong support and partnership to get through the best and worst of times; regardless of your business’ size or budget. 


Let us help you achieve all of your business goals while creating and maintaining a thriving work culture.