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Lynn HR Consulting is a female owned-and-operated business that provides a wide variety of Human Resources and Payroll services at an affordable cost.


Lynn HR Consulting focuses most of its efforts on helping small to midsize businesses thrive by creating great workplaces while also providing strategic projects and filling interim roles for larger corporations.

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OUR Mission

Our mission is to assist businesses in harnessing the POWER of their PEOPLE by creating incredible work environments that produce extraordinary business results.

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We are a female-owned and operated business who will work closely with you to ensure your business can navigate the complicated world of Human Resource management. From tactical, everyday operations to overarching company strategy, we provide a broad spectrum of services that will enhance your business operations.


OUR Team

President & Co-Founder

Janis has 4 decades of experience as a HR executive. She's driven by a profound motivation to catalyze the performance, growth and success of both individuals and the business they serve, cultivating environments where both are able to thrive.

She has a remarkable ability to generate creative and innovative ideas, and can produce endless amounts of insight that contribute significantly to solving problems.

Jannis childhood pic.jpg

Jannis grew up in an era where women were home makers and married right out of high school, and she knew she didn’t want to be that when she grew up.

Jannis enjoys spending her leisure time with her family in Tennessee. She has a passion for cooking and loves home improvement projects. These activities reflect her dedication to family, finding joy in preparing delicious meals for her loved ones, and the pleasure she gets from creating a comfortable home environment.

Jenny Headshot 1.jpg
JENNY McIntyre
HR Administrator

Jenny is a knowledgeable administrative professional with experience in various professional environments. She is motivated by a strong belief in equality, and is known for treating everyone with kindness, respect, and understanding.


A native of the Midwest, Jenny and her family have called Nashville, TN home for over 20 years.

Jenny childhood pic.jpg

Jenny wanted to be either a hairdresser or a lawyer when she grew up.

In her spare time, she nurtures her creative side through baking, tackling various DIY projects around her home, and has recently started dabbling in woodworking. She loves to travel and, although she has a soft spot for the timeless charm of Rome, hopes to continue exploring different countries and cultures around the world. 

Karri headshot
KARRI Raines
HR Consultant

Karri has more than a decade of expertise in HR strategy, specializing in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, M&As, and private equity. Equipped with a blend of analytical rigor, interpersonal finesse, and a forward-thinking mindset, she's played a pivotal role in guiding organizations through periods of growth, transformation, and consolidation.


Her collaborative approach has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor, capable of fostering positive workplace cultures and driving sustainable business outcomes.

Karri childhood photo.jpeg

Karri was raised on a farm and wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up.

As an East Tennessee native, when not immersed in in the world of human resources, you can find Karri and her family cheering passionately in the stand at University of Tennessee football games.

ARIANA LYNN Attigliato
CEO & Co-Founder

Ariana is a seasoned professional committed to fostering workplace excellence, and motivated by a passion for cultivating thriving work environments.


Beyond the professional realm, Ariana holds a genuine care for individuals and their success, believing that empowered and engaged employees contribute to organizational triumphs.

Ariana childhood pic.jpg

Ariana wanted to be a high school English teacher when she grew up.

Through the convergence of experience, motivation, compassion, and personal interests, Ariana continues to shape a career dedicated to elevating both individuals and organizations alike.

Outside the office, Ariana finds solace in the pages of a good book and the tranquility of nature through hiking adventures or venturing to new restaurants.

Lisa Mofford - Profile Pic.jpg
LISA Mofford
Payroll Coordinator

Lisa has a wonderful analytical mind and an exceptional gift for crunching numbers honed by decades of experience. She is motivated by new challenges and things that are not "everyday. She can always be counted on to get the job done, and to get it done well.

In her spare time, Lisa loves to create floral arrangements and play the piano.

Forest Playground

Lisa still hasn't decided what she wants  to be when she grows up.

Joe headshot
JOE Serjak
HR Generalist

Joe is a seasoned HR professional with over 25 years of experience in both the private and public sectors, including healthcare, rehabilitation, law enforcement/corrections and state/local government.


He is driven by the ability to make a difference daily, tackling and solving difficult problems and helping businesses optimize their strategic goals while maximizing the employees’ confidence in their employer.

Joe Serjak Baby Pic.jpg

Joe wanted to be either a veterinarian or a doctor when he grew up.

Joe is known for his calm and collected nature even during times of crisis and stress, which has enabled him to learn how to adapt to change and bridge gaps in challenging and diverse environments.


Joe is an avid tennis player, animal lover, and volunteers at the local animal shelter as much as he can.

OUR Vision​

Our vision is for ALL businesses to tap into their strongest competitive advantage: the diverse STRENGTHS of their PEOPLE.

A Message from Our Founders

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 12.45.37 AM.png

"Great leaders don't set out to be a leader...they set out to make a difference. It's never about the role – always about the goal."

- Lisa Haisha

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