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Thank you for considering Lynn HR Consulting for your Payroll needs. Our mission is to assist businesses in harnessing the power of their people by creating incredible work environments that produce extraordinary business results. We do that through our core values of Leadership, Creativity, Authenticity and building Relationships.

What We Provide

  • Manage payroll process / run normally scheduled payroll

  • Time Tracking: input, edit, validate to run payroll

  • Add Newly Hired Team Members to payroll

  • Create total payroll calendar with submission deadlines for the year

  • Manage withholdings and garnishments

  • Approval meetings (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Answer Team Questions regarding payroll

  • Manage payroll and deductions codes

  • Support finding and implementing payroll systems

  • Provide payroll data for general ledger and payroll reconciliations

  • Provide payroll data to appropriate financial institutions or partners (Benefit Brokers, CPA, 401K etc.)



Our Process

1. Review and Sign Annual Contract

2. Implementation - First Month (or Two Payroll Cycles)

  • Meet your dedicated Payroll Coordinator

  • Add Payroll Coordinator to payroll related systems

  • Weekly meetings with current payroll support and Lynn HR Payroll Coordinator

  • Review and document current process and procedures



What Makes Us Different

We work in whatever payroll system you have and become part of your team. We see full-service as interacting with all team members to help solve their payroll-related questions or concerns, engaging in payroll-related meetings, and working with partners who impact payroll.

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