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You’re a Manager – What, So What, Now What?

Many of us get promoted to management because we're great problem solvers who get things done. Sometimes it's because we want to lead others, and other times it's just being in the right place at the right time as our company grows. However, the skills that helped us climb the ladder don't always make us great at managing people.

Can you relate? This is common for leaders, so we’ve designed a program exclusively for the growing leader to help them level up their ability to manage teams.

Here are some topics we’ll tackle together:

  • Understanding yourself, your preferences, and your leadership style

  • Defining the qualities of a good manager

  • Developing high-performing teams through alignment and outcomes

  • Effectively delegating and inspiring accountability

  • Engaging in impactful, sometimes difficult conversations


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Location: Session are Virtual

Time: 9am-11am CST

Cost: $750 per participant*

Registration Deadline: May 20th

*LynnHR Clients that enroll 3 or more receive 10% discount on registration ($75)

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Course Syllabus

Session 1: Disc Assessment | June 11

Using an assessment, participants will explore:

  • The key dimensions of personality style

  • Your personal style and preferences (how you show up to others)

  • Learning to flex your style for the context and situation.

  • The difference between management and leadership

Session 2: The High Performing Team | June 25

In this session, participants will explore:

  • What defines a team? 

  • Four stages of team development

  • Defining success—creating clarity, common relevant goals and outcomes

  • Understanding how to motivate your direct reports

Session 3: Wait—Why Am I Still Doing This?
The Art of Delegation | July 9

Many of us continue to do the work we have always done without leveraging the skills and talents of our team members.  In this session participants will learn:

  • What is delegation and why is it important?

  • Levels of delegation

  • Roadblocks to delegation

  • Effective Delegation – the right task to the right person

  • What happens after delegation?

  • Action Plan – Your two-week calendar and task list

Session 4: Ownership and Accountability | August 13

Accountability and ownership are not things we impose or impart to others.  Our job as leaders is to empower others and inspire them to succeed on their own.  In this session we will explore:

  • How to set direct reports up for success

  • Forward-facing accountability vs backward

  • Coaching for responsibility and commitment

  • Conversations for realignment

Session 5: Effectively Navigating Difficult Conversations | September 10

Many of us shy away from conversations that we perceive are personal or fraught with anxiety. In this session participants will discover how to effectively navigate interactions:

  • How to identify when you need a crucial conversation?

  • It’s not personal, it’s purposeful!

  • Models for feedback, realignment, and development

  • Giving feedback for clarity and growth 

  • When to bring an issue to HR

Session 6: Group Coaching | October 8

Participants in this program will learn and assimilate many concepts to help them in their management journey.

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