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Employee Engagement While Working Remotely

Working remote has definitely become a bitter-sweet benefit considering the circumstances of a global pandemic. Most organizations and employees have been used to socializing in person whether it was a quick meeting in someone’s office or in-house celebrations. We understand the hardship and mental stress it has caused your employee population.

When we talk about employee engagement from a remote standpoint, there are two important areas to consider: the business operations conducted remotely and your employee’s ability to feel connected to the organization.

Below are some tips to continue your efforts of building and maintaining a community while being physically distant:

  • Find out what makes your employees feel individually valued. Ask them how they are doing, and how you can help them.

  • Mail a personalized, handwritten note.

  • Recognize efforts through shout-outs during virtual meetings.

  • Virtual Social Hour (after hours) that includes ice breakers, at-home scavenger hunts, best-and-worst moments working from home, etc.

  • Mindfulness moments where everyone can join a short virtual meditation using apps like Headspace or Insight Timer

  • Short newsletter where everyone participates in content to keep connected with the happenings of the business, and include team member life changes, inspirational quotes, funny stories, etc.

Business Related Engagement:

  • Hold video call meeting so everyone can see each other.

  • Continue with meeting agendas or objectives to keep the team focused on the completion of work.

  • Have team members collaborate on projects by assigning smaller groups to work together.

  • For accountability, plan due dates for completion (with flexibility) to keep projects moving.

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